Friday, August 30, 2013

Canal, Venice

A Venice canal reflects the summer sky in this Autochrome picture from 1927. Photographer Hans Hildenbrand became famous for the color pictures he made around Europe during World War I.

Baia Mare, Romania

The city of Baia Mare in northwestern Romania is known for its mining history and well-preserved medieval remnants. Here, a quiet street is captured by National Geographic Your Shot contributor Cristi Niculescu.

Snowball Vendor, New Orleans

Children gather around a French Quarter snowball wagon in this Autochrome image originally published in the April 1930 issue of National Geographic. "These are the only 'snowballs' the children of New Orleans have ever seen," says the picture's caption, "as snow has not fallen there in fifty years."

Fashion Show, Paris

Models wait backstage at Emanuel Ungaro's ready-to-wear show in this picture from a June 1989 National Geographic story on the business of fashion in Paris.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Crowds pass through Hong Kong's Causeway Bay in this picture submitted to our Your Shot photo community. "So many people, marching across the street, back-to-back," says contributor Brian Yen. "It all starts to blur together."

Red Square, Moscow

St. Basil's Cathedral is brilliantly lit on a winter's night in Red Square, the famed brick plaza long used by Kremlin occupants for meetings and celebrations. Today, the square is anchored by some of Moscow's most popular attractions, including the State History Museum and the mausoleum of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Anything About Wedding Cakes

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